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Our Wider Enrichment Curriculum

Our Wider Enrichment Curriculum


"Leaders want pupils to move to the next stage of their education having received a range of rich and enjoyable experiences. Opportunities to enhance the curriculum are deliberately chosen and carefully planned. These include sport, music and the performing arts. Visitors to the school and trips and residential visits add to the curriculum, and pupils speak about these opportunities with enthusiasm." Ofsted Report 2021


We are hugely proud of the all-round package we provide our pupils. Reading, Writing and Mathematics are crucial, but they are not the only focus a primary school should have.


If a child is musical, they should have the opportunity to express themselves musically; if a child is a sports-person, they should be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in sport; if a child is a performer, they should be given the opportunity to perform regularly etc. Therefore, we have a fabulous range of activities and experiences in our regular programme here.


For information on our Sports Premium allocation this year - please see the bottom of the page.



We regularly have phenomenally successful years of sporting achievements and we have been awarded the School Games Gold Award. We provide a wealth of different sporting activities which run after school. Yes - some of our sports teams consistently produce fantastic results but it is not all about winning; we aim to provide as wide a range of activities as possible to encourage greater involvement from the children.


Sporting Achievements

Rugby - Mansfield Area Champions (for the past six years in a row).

Football - Mansfield Area Boys Champions 2022 and Mansfield Area Girls Champions 2022.

Athletics - Mansfield Area Tournaments - Year 3/4 team and Year 5/6 team are regular medallists.

Dodgeball - Our Year 4 team came in 2nd place in the Mansfield Area Championships, just missing out on the gold medals by 1 point!

Rounders - Our Key Stage 2 team came in 2nd place in the Mansfield summer tournament.

Swimming - Key Stage 2 Mansfield Gala participation award.

Tennis - Year 3/4 Mansfield Festival participation award.

Dance - Year 5/6 Mansfield Showcase participation award.

Gymnastics - Key Stage 2 Mansfield Festival participation award.


Mansfield Area Boys Football Champions 2022 Mansfield Area Girls Football Champions 2022



We are extremely proud to share that we are a 'Music Mark' School - nominated by Nottinghamshire Music Hub for our excellent Music provision.


All our pupils in Years 3/4/5/6 have a free weekly musical instrument lesson. This could be with guitars, ukuleles or keyboards. They have the opportunity to take their musical instrument learning further in our advanced (after-school) tuition lessons. 


We have a school choir, who regularly perform at a number of events each year, including the stunning Young Voices concert at the Sheffield Arena. We also have our own summer concert each year, where all the children have the opportunity to showcase their musical and singing talents.


The Arts 

We have a dedicated specialist art teacher who works with all of our classes throughout the year, developing children's art skills tremendously and working on exciting whole-class art projects.



Our children have the opportunity to perform in a range of situations on a regular basis. Each year group has their main performance once a year. This varies per year-group, with a Christmas performance for EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2, an Easter performance for Year 3 and Year 4, and a Summer performance for Year 5 and Year 6.


There is the ever-popular Spring term Talent Show, where every child who wants to audition has the chance to do so. The finalists are then put through to the Grand Final, which is always a truly epic production!


We perform regularly in class and have class assemblies for families to come and see what we have been learning about in class.


Residential Experiences 

We have a truly amazingly rich and exciting programme of residential experiences here at St. Edmund's, which we consider to be crucial in the profound personal development of our children.


Year 5/6 - These two year groups go to London and Scarborough (two-year rotation). Our London experience is a two-night / three-day trip and our Scarborough experience is a three-night / four-day trip.

Year 3/4 - These two year groups go to Sherwood Forest and Walesby (two-year rotation). These are usually two-night / three-day trips.

Year 1/2 - Each year these two classes has a one-night sleepover in school.


We also have our 'legendary' Reading Camps, where children from across school (Reception to Year 6) are invited to a sleepover celebration reward on a Friday night for their excellent efforts in reading.